‘ Building a distributed system ’ as a keyword, microcomputers, various interfaces, motor control, network development, board design and manufacturing, we pursue every phase solutions from prototype to mass production. Especially, our system that applies ‘our contactless technology’ is superior in real- time and simultaneous transmission of power and information. You are offered each solutions, I / O signals and sensor feedback, information network, separate system, infinite rotation system, and cable-free mobility (cable carrier less) system.

Intelligent modules

  To control an enlarged system needs much time and labor. Our intelligent module shows its capability through the way to place the suitable capable modules where required and to control them.

Application of contactless technology

Our technology has a strong point in transmitting power supply and information signal in real-time feedback without contact like contact-less and movable cable-less. We will propose new system solutions of non-contact transmission technology that realize non-contact sensor signal feedback and its power supply, hands and joints of industrial robots, linear motion devices, and infinite rotating module without slip ling.